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Net weight: 24x30g per bar Box with 24 Units, contains: - 10 Organic Coconut & Cocoa Bars - 30g - 8 Organic Walnut and Cinnamon Bars - 30g - 6 Organic Cashew & Cocoa Bars - 30g          
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DISCOUNT CAMPAIGN VALID FROM 11/30 TO 12/20/2024. Subject to existing stock. Net weight: 30g Box with 25 units Irresistible bar that combines the delicious flavor of coconut with cocoa. Excellent and energetic snack to take with you.          

Pimentão Doce Outros Montes - 35g

Outros Montes
Net weight: 35 gr. Pimentão Doce is a very popular spice in Portugal, originating in America, which gives a sweet taste and reddish color to dishes. It is excellent for seasoning vegetarian dishes, flavoring vegetables, oven dishes and is an indispensable ingredient in traditional Portuguese gastronomy, particularly in meat and fish. With a scientific...

Basil Outros Montes - 15g

Outros Montes
Weight: 15g Basil is a perennial aromatic herb, which became popular worldwide and gained high notoriety due to Italian cuisine. It is especially recommended in tomato sauces, pestos, pasta, salads, cheese, roasted or grilled vegetables, soups, broths, meats and/or sweets    

Oregano Outros Montes - 25g

Outros Montes
Weight: 25g Oregano is closely associated with Italian cuisine, being a mandatory ingredient in pasta and pizza. However, its origin comes from Greece, meaning "joy of the mountains". It is a perennial herbaceous plant, with an unmistakable aroma that combines perfectly with tomato, eggplant, some cheeses and pasta.    
Coconut & Vegetables

Green Coffee Ground

Outros Montes
Net weight: 100 g  Ground coffee beans 100% of the Arabica species, having not been subjected to any roasting. With a vegetable flavor and a high anti-oxidant power, it stimulates the metabolism and helps when accompanied by a suitable diet to improve the silhouette.      
Algae & Fibers

Blue Spirulina Outros Montes

Outros Montes
Weight: 25g Blue Spirulina is a blue-green microalgae, Spirulina platensis. Its high protein nutritional value and antioxidant power have been recognized since the Aztecs, dating back approximately 3.5 billion years. Currently, it is produced and certified in a biological way, from natural water filtered with alkaline ph, in order to enhance the maximum...

Himalayan Salt, Black (Kala Namak) Outros Montes

Outros Montes
Net weight: 125g The Black Salt of the Himalayas is an Herbal Salt, with an ancient recipe, produced in India and Pakistan. In India, it is called Kala Namak, being widely used in vegetarian cuisine to season dishes, its natural odor being very similar to that of an egg. This salt is produced in India and Pakistan, and combines Himalayan Salt with local...
Flours & Yeast

Coconut Flour Outros Montes

Outros Montes
Weight: 200g Coconut flour is a flour with high nutritional value, rich in fiber and naturally gluten free. It has a pleasant flavor and is Low Carb (low in Carbohydrates), which makes it popular and a must-have in Slimming, Low Carb and Paleo diets. Excellent in virtually all culinary uses: breads, cakes, pancakes, fillings and sweets in general....
Flours & Yeast

Oat Flour Gluten Free Outros Montes

Outros Montes
Weight: 200g Gluten-free Oat Flour is a wholemeal flour, with a low glycemic index, rich in fiber and free from gluten contamination. Obtained from the grinding of whole oat grains, in order to preserve the high nutritional value of this cereal.              
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Flours & Yeast

Spelt Flour Outros Montes

Outros Montes
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DISCOUNT CAMPAIGN VALID FROM 11/30 TO 12/20/2024. Subject to existing stock. Weight: 300g Spelt Flour is a variety of ancestral wheat (red wheat), originating in Southeast Asia. It is rich in fiber and of high nutritional value, with a slightly sweet and smooth flavor, reminiscent of a walnut flavor. It is also recommended for those who want to reduce...

Oskri Products

Snacks & Patés

Peanut Butter Chocolate Spread Oskri 1Kg

Net weight: 1Kg Box with 1 units Oskri Peanut Butter Chocolate Spread is absolutely fantastic, healthy and delicious in taste. It has an excellent texture that makes it irresistible. 100% natural, plant-based and sustainable product.          

Vegetalia Products


Black Olives Paté Vegetalia

Net weight: 100 g Genuine paté of black olives from Aragon for very demanding connoisseurs.

Shitake Paté Vegetalia

Net weight: 110 g Wonderful paté of shitake and tofu to bar bread and toasts.  

Humus Bio Vegetalia

Net weight: 180 g Tasty grain paté to bar bread and toasts.          
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