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Mix Passione Outros Montes

Outros Montes
Wonderful crunchy snack of almonds and cranberries, without added sugar. Net weight: 100 gr.
Vegan Protein

Veggie Eggs Outros Montes

Outros Montes
Net weight: 150g. Veggie Egg is a 100% vegan and natural preparation, to replace the egg in culinary uses, without gluten, without preservatives and without coloring.      


Outros Montes
Net weight: 100 gr. Delicious dehydrated high-quality cranberries, perfectly combined with apple juice, which rehydrate and approach the natural texture of the cranberries.    
Algae & Fibers

Detox Mixture Outros Montes

Outros Montes
Net weight: 100 g Fabulous blend of microalgae detox action (Spirulina) with young plants (Wheatgrass), nutritionally very balanced and balanced. It is ideally advised to take it on an empty stomach, to enhance its effect throughout the day. Excellent flavor, you can add water or natural juice without sugar.  
Algae & Fibers

Easy Detox Outros Montes

Outros Montes
Net weight: 100 g Powerful combination of two SuperFoods rich in chlorophyll with detoxifying and alkalizing properties: the Wheat Grass - young wheat plants, gluten free and Spirulina - a microalgae with recognized nutritional and protein properties. Easy to take due to its pleasant taste, it will contribute to the improvement of the silhouette and...
Algae & Fibers

Spirulina Powder

Outros Montes
Net weight: 100 g Bluish-green micro-algae recognized as an excellent superfood due to its high protein and nutritional value. It is one of the most complete foods in the world, and its protein has all the essential amino acids, being very digestible. Rich in iron.  

Blueberries Outros Montes

Outros Montes
Net weight: 100g Delicious dehydrated high quality blueberries, perfectly combined with apple juice, which rehydrate and approach the natural texture of blueberries.    
Coconut & Vegetables

Green Coffee Ground

Outros Montes
Net weight: 100 g  Ground coffee beans 100% of the Arabica species, having not been subjected to any roasting. With a vegetable flavor and a high anti-oxidant power, it stimulates the metabolism and helps when accompanied by a suitable diet to improve the silhouette.      

Hemp Seeds

Outros Montes
Net weight: 200g Hemp seeds are the seeds of the Cannabis sativa plant. They are a nutritious superfood, rich in proteins, healthy fats, antioxidants, magnesium and zinc. They can be added to salads, smoothies, yogurts and cereals. The pine-like flavor allows them to be used as a complement in the making of cakes and breads.       

Oskri Featured Products

Net weight per bar: 40 g Box with 24 units Crispy almond bar, rich in fiber and with total absence of sugars. Tolerated by diabetics.        

Vegetalia Featured Products


Whole Tahin Vegetalia - 6 Units

Net weight: 210g Box with 6 units Delicious whole sesame seed paste to bar bread, toasts and gallers. Excellent for use as vegetarian seasoning for tofu, seitan or other dishes.        

Humus Bio Vegetalia - 6 Units

Net weight: 210 g Box with 6 units Tasty grain paté to bar bread and toasts.          
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