Outros Montes Products

Net weight: 30g Box with 25 units If you are a cashew and cocoa fan, this is the perfect bar for you! It has an amazing and addictive taste, luckily it is very healthy and nutritious. Excellent as a snack, small snack, it improves your physical performance and your ability to concentrate.          
Net weight: 45g per bar Box with 20 units Wonderful protein bar that combines the flavor and tradition of Portuguese almonds, with the passion and benefits of red fruits. Excellent for active people, athletes, vegetarians, lactose intolerants, and for those on a calorie-restricted and/or gluten-free diet.          
Vegan Protein

Hemp Seeds Protein 50% Outros Montes

Outros Montes
Net Weight: 150g Hemp Seed Protein is a complete vegan protein, as it contains all the essential amino acids. It is also rich in omega 3 and omega 6 fatty acids, the proportion being ideal for the human body, an excellent source of vitamins, minerals and fiber. This protein is superior in quality to protein extracted from whey or soy. It is indicated for...
Vegan Protein

Vegan Cocoa Protein 65% Outros Montes

Outros Montes
Weight: 150g It is a delicious Vegan Protein flavored with Cocoa, with 65g of Protein per 100g. It has no added sugars. This mix of proteins is contrary to the majority of Vegetable Proteins, of high biological value, as they contain all the essential amino acids for our body.              
Flours & Yeast

Tapioca/Mandioca Starch Outros Montes

Outros Montes
Weight: 200g Polvilho Doce is a flour that comes from Mandioca. It has become very popular in gluten-restricted diets, Paleo diets and is an excellent choice for coeliacs. It has complex carbohydrates and gives an excellent sweet taste and good consistency.            
Flours & Yeast

Golden Flaxseed Flour Outros Montes

Outros Montes
Weight: 150g Flaxseed flour results from the grinding of golden flaxseeds. Rich in fiber, phytosterols, omega 3 and omega 6, so their regular consumption prevents cardiovascular diseases and atherosclerosis, and can be an important ally in weight loss, as well as regularization of intestinal transit. In fact, the flour is of greater nutritional interest...
Flours & Yeast

Almond Flour Outros Montes

Outros Montes
Weight: 150g Almond flour has all the nutritional properties of almonds. It results from the grinding of almonds with skin, being excellent for all culinary uses: making low carb bread, confectionery, cakes, fillings, pies, pastries, quiches, porridge, croquettes, etc. It has a great flavor and increases the protein content of any preparation, as well as...

Oskri Products

Snacks & Patés

Peanut Butter Oskri 1Kg - Creamy

Net weight: 1Kg Box with 1 units Oskri Peanut Butter is absolutely fantastic, delicious, healthy and without any added sugar or fat. The only ingredient is peanuts, being a 100% natural, vegetable and sustainable product.           

Vegetalia Products


Humus Bio Vegetalia

Net weight: 180 g Tasty grain paté to bar bread and toasts.          
Time left

White Tahin Vegetalia

€4.39 €6.27
DISCOUNT CAMPAIGN FROM 05/11/2023 TO 05/31/2023. LIMITED TO EXISTING STOCK. Net weight : 180g Delicious whole sesame seed pastewithout salt to bar bread, toasts and gallers. Excellent for use as vegetarian seasoning for tofu, seitan or other dishes.        

Himalaya Salt Vegetalia

Net weight: 250 g Condiment of very high nutritional value.          
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