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Chia Seeds

Outros Montes
Net weight: 200g Proveniente da América Central este superalimento anti-inflamatório, nutritivo e energético é rico em fibras, antioxidantes, minerais e Ómega 3. A sua versatilidade permite serem utilizadas em saladas, iogurtes, smoothies, bolos, etc.    
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Coconut & Vegetables

Green Coffee Ground

Outros Montes
€3.79 €5.05
Net weight: 100 g  Ground coffee beans 100% of the Arabica species, having not been subjected to any roasting. With a vegetable flavor and a high anti-oxidant power, it stimulates the metabolism and helps when accompanied by a suitable diet to improve the silhouette.      

Hemp Seeds

Outros Montes
Net weight: 200g Hemp seeds are the seeds of the Cannabis sativa plant. They are a nutritious superfood, rich in proteins, healthy fats, antioxidants, magnesium and zinc. They can be added to salads, smoothies, yogurts and cereals. The pine-like flavor allows them to be used as a complement in the making of cakes and breads.       


Outros Montes
Net weight: 100 gr. Delicious dehydrated high-quality cranberries, perfectly combined with apple juice, which rehydrate and approach the natural texture of the cranberries.    


Outros Montes
Net weight: 100g Delicious dehydrated high quality blueberries, perfectly combined with apple juice, which rehydrate and approach the natural texture of blueberries.    
Algae & Fibers

Psyllium Outros Montes

Outros Montes
Net weight: 150 g The seeds of psyllium (Plantago psyllium) when in contact with liquid can increase up to 50 times its own volume, being an excellent alternative to the use of wheat or other cereals with gluten in the manufacture of bread. Excellent source of fiber.        

Oskri Featured Products

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Net weight per bar: 56,5g Box with 20 units Nutritious bar that combines dark chocolate with cashew for a healthy, protein-rich and delicious snack.      
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Protein Dark Chocolate Bar-Peanuts

€27.86 €39.80
Net weight per bar: 56,5g Box with 20 units Delicious protein bar that combines peanuts with a passionate dark chocolate cover.         

Vegetalia Featured Products


Humus Bio

Net weight: 210 g Box with 6 units Tasty grain paté to bar bread and toasts.          
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