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Algae & Fibers

Blue Spirulina Outros Montes

Outros Montes
Weight: 25g Blue Spirulina is a blue-green microalgae, Spirulina platensis. Its high protein nutritional value and antioxidant power have been recognized since the Aztecs, dating back approximately 3.5 billion years. Currently, it is produced and certified in a biological way, from natural water filtered with alkaline ph, in order to enhance the maximum...
Energy & Cereals

Maca Powder

Outros Montes
Net weight: 200g Maca (Lepidium Meyenni) is a plant from the Andes, farmed at an altitude above 4000m. Processed without heat, thus is considered a raw food.     
Algae & Fibers

Detox Mixture Outros Montes

Outros Montes
Net weight: 100 g Fabulous blend of microalgae detox action (Spirulina) with young plants (Wheatgrass), nutritionally very balanced and balanced. It is ideally advised to take it on an empty stomach, to enhance its effect throughout the day. Excellent flavor, you can add water or natural juice without sugar.  
Flours & Yeast

Chickpea Flour Outros Montes

Outros Montes
Weight: 300g Chickpea flour, being produced from the grain, has high nutritional value, being an excellent source of vegetable protein, minerals and vitamins. It can be a healthy alternative to traditional wheat flour, and can be used in various preparations: cakes, cookies, quiches, pies, fillings, etc.                
Flours & Yeast

Oat Flour Gluten Free Outros Montes

Outros Montes
Weight: 200g Gluten-free Oat Flour is a wholemeal flour, with a low glycemic index, rich in fiber and free from gluten contamination. Obtained from the grinding of whole oat grains, in order to preserve the high nutritional value of this cereal.              
Coconut Flour Outros Montes Coconut Flour Outros Montes 2
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Flours & Yeast

Coconut Flour Outros Montes

Outros Montes
Weight: 200g Coconut flour is a flour with high nutritional value, rich in fiber and naturally gluten free. It has a pleasant flavor and is Low Carb (low in Carbohydrates), which makes it popular and a must-have in Slimming, Low Carb and Paleo diets. Excellent in virtually all culinary uses: breads, cakes, pancakes, fillings and sweets in general....
Algae & Fibers

Psyllium Outros Montes

Outros Montes
Net weight: 150 g The seeds of psyllium (Plantago ovata) when in contact with liquid can increase up to 50 times its own volume, being an excellent alternative to the use of wheat or other cereals with gluten in the manufacture of bread. Excellent source of fiber.        

Medjool Dates Outros Montes

Outros Montes
Weight: 200g Rich in fiber and an excellent source of potassium, iron and calcium.        

Xylitol Outros Montes

Outros Montes
Net Weight: 150g Xylitol is a natural sweetener extracted from the fibers of some vegetables, such as corn and plums. It is a great sugar substitute and is also recommended for diabetics and anyone who wants to reduce their daily sugar consumption.    

Oskri Featured Products

Snacks & Patés

Peanut Butter Oskri 500g - Creamy

Net weight: 500 g Box with 1 units Oskri Peanut Butter is absolutely fantastic, delicious, healthy and without any added sugar or fat. The only ingredient is peanuts, being a 100% natural, vegetable and sustainable product.          

Vegetalia Featured Products


Mushrooms Paté Vegetalia

Net weight: 110g Appetizing vegetable tofu pate with mushrooms to spread bread and toast.

Black Olives Paté Vegetalia

Net weight: 100 g Genuine paté of black olives from Aragon for very demanding connoisseurs.

Himalaya Salt Vegetalia

Net weight: 250 g Condiment of very high nutritional value.          
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