Easy Detox Outros Montes
Easy Detox Outros Montes
Easy Detox Outros Montes
Easy Detox Outros Montes
Easy Detox Outros Montes
Easy Detox Outros Montes

Easy Detox Outros Montes

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Net weight: 100 g

Powerful combination of two SuperFoods rich in chlorophyll with detoxifying and alkalizing properties: the Wheat Grass - young wheat plants, gluten free and Spirulina - a microalgae with recognized nutritional and protein properties. Easy to take due to its pleasant taste, it will contribute to the improvement of the silhouette and acceleration of the metabolism, when accompanied by a healthy and balanced diet, of caloric restriction.


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Easy Detox is a blend of Detox action, rich in fiber, potassium, iron and proteins - it has 22 g of protein for every 100 g of product, which also helps to improve your satiety level, and consequently reduces hunger.This food must be consumed raw (it should not be heated or cooked), in order to preserve all its nutritional value.

It tastes nice and is easy to add to juices, yogurts, smoothies, soups, etc. Preferably consume on an empty stomach to enhance your body's detoxification.

Ingredients: Wheat Grass* powder, Spirulina * (10%) powder. * From Organic Agriculture.

Allergens: Contains sulfites in a natural way.


- Detox action and elimination of toxins from your body

- Improves the Immune System

- Alkalizing action on the PH of your body

- High Anti-oxidant Power

- Anti-inflammatory action

- Rich in Proteins

- Improves Digestion

- Regulates blood sugar levels

- Regulates Blood Pressure

Recommended Daily Dosage: Add between a coffee spoon to a tablespoon of Easy Detox to your favorite fruit juice, yogurt, vegetable milk or other liquid food.

Average Nutritional Value for: 

Energy 1444 Kj / 345 Kcal NRV - Nutrient Reference Value 

- Saturates
- dos quais


- Sugars


Fibers 37g
Protein 22g
Salt 0,41g
Potassium 680mg **34%
Iron 51,6mg **369%

Use conditions: Best before: see packaging. Store tightly sealed in the original packaging in a cool and dry place.


Algae & Fibers

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Spirulina Powder

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Net weight: 100 g Bluish-green micro-algae recognized as an excellent superfood due to its high protein and nutritional value. It is one of the most complete foods in the world, and its protein has all the essential amino acids, being very digestible. Rich in iron.  
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Detox Mixture Outros Montes

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Net weight: 100 g Fabulous blend of microalgae detox action (Spirulina) with young plants (Wheatgrass), nutritionally very balanced and balanced. It is ideally advised to take it on an empty stomach, to enhance its effect throughout the day. Excellent flavor, you can add water or natural juice without sugar.  
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Recipe - Apple and Peppermint Detox Juice


- 2 Alcobaça Organic Apples

- 1 Desert spoon of Easy Detox Outros Montes

- Fresh water

- Peppermint leaves

Mix all the ingredients together in a blender.

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