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Algae & Fibers

Agar-Agar Vegetalia

Weight: 50g Vegetable gelatin with soluble fiber and minerals, to thicken and gel food.              
Weight: 150g Almond flour has all the nutritional properties of almonds. It results from the grinding of almonds with skin, being excellent for all culinary uses: making low carb bread, confectionery, cakes, fillings, pies, pastries, quiches, porridge, croquettes, etc. It has a great flavor and increases the protein content of any preparation, as well as...

Almonds 100g Outros Montes

Net weight: 100g. Dried fruit of Mediterranean origin with high protein value and delicious flavor. Raw product without added salt.      

Almonds 200g Outros Montes

Net weight: 200g. Dried fruit of Mediterranean origin with high protein value and delicious flavor. Raw product without added salt.      
Net Weight: 400g Black beans are very popular in South America. It is king of the typical Brazilian Feijoada, and nutritionally it is excellent when accompanied with rice or other cereals. Black beans at an agricultural level are a very productive and easy-to-grow variety. It is a very healthy legume, high in fiber, protein, iron, phosphorus and...

Blueberries Outros Montes

Net weight: 100g Delicious dehydrated high quality blueberries, perfectly combined with apple juice, which rehydrate and approach the natural texture of blueberries.    

Blueberry Juice

Capacity: 330ml Excellent juice elaborated 100% with wild blueberries, which makes it special and unique.   Orders for this product are only available to professionals via email

Box 20 Units Almond Bar Oskri

Net weight: 40g Box with 20 units Delicious crispy almond bar for a healthy snack.          
Net weight per bar: 45g Box with 20 Units   Roasted almonds covered in dark chocolate, a healthy alternative to craving a chocolate bar            
Net weight per bar: 40 g Box with 20 units Crispy almond bar, rich in fiber and with total absence of sugars. Tolerated by diabetics.        
Net weight: 45g per bar Box with 20 units Wonderful protein bar that combines the flavor and tradition of Portuguese almonds, with the passion and benefits of red fruits. Excellent for active people, athletes, vegetarians, lactose intolerants, and for those on a calorie-restricted and/or gluten-free diet.          
Net weight: 30g Box with 25 units If you are a cashew and cocoa fan, this is the perfect bar for you! It has an amazing and addictive taste, luckily it is very healthy and nutritious. Excellent as a snack, small snack, it improves your physical performance and your ability to concentrate.          

Brazil Nuts 150g Outros Montes

Net weight: 150 g Brazil nuts (Bertholletia excelsa) is an oil-dried nut from Brazil, of high nutritional value and delicious flavor.      
Net Weight: 400g Lentils have been part of the human diet since the Neolithic period, being one of the first agricultural crops in the Middle East. With about 30% of their calories coming from protein, lentils have the third highest level of protein, by weight.     

Cashew 100g Outros Montes

Net weight: 200 g  Native fruit of Brazil with high nutritional value, and excellent source of fats beneficial to the body. Raw product without adding salt.      
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