Tofu and Seaweeds Veganburguer

Tofu and Seaweeds Veganburguer


Net weight: 160g

Pack with 2 units

Spectacular vegetarian tofu burger with algae   


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Tofu and Seaweeds Veganburguer - Vegetalia

Net Weight : 160g (2 units)

Ingredients: Onion*, Tofu* 29% (water, soy, gelling agent: nigari), Oats Flakes*, Water, Sunflower Oil*,  Whole Wheat Flour*, Seaweed* 2%, Apple Concentrated*, Tapioca Starch*, Shoyu*(water, soywheat, sea salt and koji), Kombu Seaweed*0,5%, Sea Salt, Nori Seaweed* 0,2%.*Raw materials produced from organic farming.

Allergy Alert: Contains soy, oats flakes, whole wheat flour, wheat.

Average Nutritional Value for: 

Energy 882 KJ / 211 Kcal
- Saturates
- Sugars
Fibers 8,2g
Protein 12,6g
Salt 1,5g


Use conditions: Best before: see packaging. Store in a fridge, temperature between 0.ºC and 4.º C.

Cooking : Heat in a pan, or oven, with some drops of olive oil for 3 minutes. 

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